Cushion Coilmat - Heavy Duty (Unbacked) - Brown
Cushion Coilmat - Heavy Duty (Unbacked) - Brown Heavy Duty (Unbacked) Cushion Coilmat Malaysia, Penang Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | YGGS World Sdn Bhd
Roll Form Size: 1.2m x 12m

Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Brown, Black

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Loops: – Durable, long-lasting

– Scrape dirt and grime off shoes and boots

  • Unbacked, Open Construction: – Allows dirt and moisture to pass through for easy clean up

– Stay attractive while in use

Common Applications: Outside Entrances, Recessed Areas/mat wells, Factory Entrances and Production Areas, Work Areas to help reduce leg and foot fatigue

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